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Take the opportunity to escape to isolated beaches and into the transparent and refreshing waters of Naxos and the surrounding islands. The islands of Cyclades are renowned for their unique architecture, white and blue inland villages, ancient churches, award winning and their crystal-clear turquoise waters.  Naxos is the largest and most fertile island of the Cyclades and is noted for its mountainous terrain and picturesque green valleys.  Towards the south side of Naxos, the coastline is quite rugged which makes it an ideal place for jumping off rocks and exploring the underwater sea-life. The southwest coast of the island is more sheltered and full of magnificent secluded sandy beaches where you can swim and relax in privacy. Naxos is also renowned for its rich aquatic life which makes its waters ideal for explorations and snorkelling. Whilst sunbathing and relaxing under the warm Greek sun on the Anna-Maria sailing yacht, you may be lucky enough to witness groups of dolphins following the vessel.

The professional crew of Anna-Maria sailing yacht will do their best to accommodate you throughout the journey, and will also be available to take videos and photos of you diving from rocks and swimming in caves. For those passionate about sailing, you will also have the unique chance of taking the steering wheel into your own hands, under the supervision, of course, of our experienced captain.